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We have our first convention report from this weekend! Our pic of the day supplier @wrigglerosie has shared this photo from the convention and also had a chance to talk to James about the new role. I’m going to paraphrase a bit so any mistakes are my own. Rosie will let us know if she remembers anything else after the James fog ™ clears.
She was able to ask him about “The Devil You Know” and he was surprised yet excited that the news is out on imdb. He’s still not able to say anything about the role and said he’s been being very good about not slipping up.
The show has been filming all week in Massachusetts and sounds like he’ll be going back to Mass after the convention. He couldn’t say anything about Eddie Izzard but Rosie got the impression that they have had a chance to speak to each other.
He did say when asked about projects during the Q&A that he’s hopeful he’ll be working on something for the next few years. When asked for more information he said he couldn’t say but for people to go ask Rosie for more and a couple of people actually did. Hopefully she sent them over to www.Facebook.com/SupportSpike to get all the scoop!
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  1. Lurky says:

    That sounds wonderful. He is looking fantastic!

  2. tactile says:

    It be wonderful to see James in *something*, regularly on our TV screens, for the ‘next few years’.

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