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Marsters Monday – Channel 3 Cameraman (House on Haunted Hill)

Weekly feature to highlight a non-Spike role played by James Marsters


Role: Channel 3 Cameraman
Show: House on Haunted Hill
Horror Film
Released: October 29, 1999

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Video: James Marsters Elevator and Roller-coaster Scenes

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Regarding working with Geoffrey Rush in House on Haunted Hill courtesy of http://jamesdb.com/

(1-99 Starburst Special)

I play a guy who gets taken for an amusement park ride by Geoffrey Rush. I only did three days of shooting. I took the job because I wanted to meet Geoffrey Rush. He’s the guy. Like many fabulous actors, he’s also a very good person. I wasn’t busy. I wanted to meet Geoffrey, the director [William Malone] was a Buffy fan and it seemed like it would be fun. And it really was. In fact, I’ve got a picture in my trailer of me with Geoffrey.

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