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Marsters Monday – Sullivan McManus (Enforcers)

Weekly feature to highlight a non-Spike role played by James Marsters


Role: Sullivan McManus
Movie: Enforcers
Independent Film
Filmed: 2000
Released: Never released*

Summary: A greasy weasel named Wallace owns a sleazy motel. He’s been running from the mob and is hiding their money in the walls of his motel. The mobsters would very much like their money back.

Stars: Amber Benson, Jarrod Crawford, Andy Hallett, James Marsters

*Note: This project was filmed by Mere(dyth) Smith but due to production issues it was never released.

Twitter discussion with @jeanbugc & @EvilGalProds (Mere)


Regarding working with Mere Smith on Enforcers courtesy of http://jamesdb.com/

(8-01 Pasadena)

Yeah! ‘The Enforcers’. Last summer I did a small film, written and directed by Meredyth Smith, who’s a writer on Angel, who’s now our competition, strangely enough. Mere did a movie, Douglas Petrie is doing another movie, Amber Benson is editing a movie that I shot with her. Amber plays Tara on the show. Douglas is an executive producer and writer. Mere Smith is a writer. It’s like all of Joss’ minions are cooking in his kitchen when he’s gone. It’s true! We’re all bribing each other, “I’ll get you into the editing bays if I can get some props over here, man”. All making our own little side projects. He doesn’t have any. I don’t know if he knows what goes on at that lot anymore. It’s his fault. He hired us. We’re just creative.

Some generous fans provided me with some additional images and info.

Article and images courtesy of @jeanbugc

Article  Mere


Image courtesy of @stephensalchli

Hotel Set

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