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James Marsters – The Sex Symbol of Salem

More video from Las Vegas Wizard World with James speaking about The Devil You Know. A pilot for HBO created by Jenji Kohan and directed by Gus Van Sant.

More on the real George Burroughs:


George Burroughs (c. 1652 – August 19, 1692), was born in Suffolk, England. At a young age he left England for Massachusetts. There he was raised by his mother in the town of Roxbury.[1] American Congregational pastor, graduated from Harvard College in 1670 with distinguished honors, and became the minister of Salem Village in 1680, a charge which he held until 1683.

Burroughs was described in a reading by Frances Hill,[who?] “George Burroughs was confident, strong-willed, and decisive, a man of action as well as a preacher, unusually athletic and clever enough to do well in Harvard. Short of stature, muscular, dark-complexioned, he was highly attractive to women, as is shown by his winning the hand of a rich widow as his second wife when he was a mere village minister.” He lived at Falmouth (now Portland, Maine) until it was destroyed by the Wabanaki in 1690. He moved to Wells, Maine, believing it would be safer as there were fewer Indian attacks there.

In May 1692, during the Salem witch trials, based on the accusation of some of his personal enemies from his former congregation who had sued him for debt, Burroughs was arrested and charged, among other offenses, with extraordinary weight lifting (lifted a musket with a finger in the barrel), and such feats of strength as could not be done without diabolical assistance.

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