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Throwback Thursday – James Marsters in Shape Magazine “Fit Hollywood”

James appeared in the Winter 2001 special edition of Shape Magazine called “Fit Hollywood”



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If you had seen James Marsters prior to his joining the cast of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, you probably wouldn’t recognize him. “Before I came to L.A., I was like a gorilla. I had to lose 50 pounds of muscle,” says the actor who plays Spike, a leather-clad bloodsucker with a heart of gold. “When I got hungry, it was tough not to panic. It’s a kind of animal reaction that you have to overcome.” Marsters admits that Hollywood’s body obsession really worked his nerves when he first moved to Los Angeles. “In T.V. and film, there’s little else to do except look good,” he says. “It was frustrating at first because I was coming from the stage, where your job is much more than that.” Fortunately, Buffy’s poignant scripts give Marsters plenty of room to flex his acting muscles, as well as those incredible abs. — Amanda Myers

Workout – “I have two alternate routines. One day, I’ll do a 45-minutes upper-body free-weight workout followed by a half-hour to 45-minute skate. On days I’m not working my upper body, it’s just 20 minutes of crunches and skating. Luckily, though, my body responds very quickly to workouts. In fact, I take care not to develop too much muscle.”

Cardio – “In-line skating. On the set, I’ll do jumping jack, sit-ups and push-ups to wake me up, instead of drinking coffee.”

Fuel – “I’m on a high-protein, low-carb diet. I don’t eliminate carbs because that’s too hard on the body. Breakfast is whole grain cereal and carrot juice. Lunch is the biggest meal of the day, with a big piece of meat, half a baked potato and some veggies on the side. Dinner tends to be lighter. I try not to eat too late at night. I do chat on vegetables. I get my fiber from the carrot juice and drink a two-ounce shot of wheat grass juice, which has all the vitamins of four pounds of leafy greens.”

Indulgences – “A bowl of cappuccino ice cream or M&Ms.”

Sleep – “I’m someone who needs nine hours. If I get ten hours, I’m a happy puppy. It’s tempting to shave off an hour or two to get something done or spend some time with someone, but it’s not particularly healthy.

Idols – “Brad Pitt’s got good muscle mass and really low body fat from a good combination of diet and exercise. I like so many different types of women’s bodies. I can take them as lean as Calista Flockhart or very shapely and everything in between. I like a healthy look.”

Peak Moment – “Walking with my girlfriend on the beach. I’ll be wearing a tight T-shirt and she’ll be wearing a bikini. She’s so absolutely beautiful that guys’ eyes literally pop out of their heads.”

Worst Moment – “By the time we’re taping the last show of the season, I’ve had so little sleep for so long, that everything seems hopeless. But then I get two or three days of good sleep and suddenly I’m like, ‘Wow, that’s fun!'”

Mind/Body/Spirit Key – “My work sustains me. It’s fun. I enjoy it. And that’s really the key, isn’t it? A good, positive attitude is actually like a pill, and luckily, I have had very few health problems.”

Spiritual Retreat – “Listening to [jazz greats] Miles Davis, Nick Drake or Charlie Parker. I come home, light candles, take a hot bath and then I’ll just sit on my couch and think or play my guitar. I don’t really watch TV anymore.”

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