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Dudley Payne

Marsters Monday – Dudley Paine (Saving Grace)

Weekly feature to highlight a non-Spike role played by James Marsters


Role: Dudley Payne
Show: Saving Grace
Episode: Bring It On Earl
Aired: July 30, 2007

Summary: A man is murdered, and Lt. Yukon’s brother turns out to be a witness, and Grace wrestles Earl for control of her life.

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Regarding working on Saving Grace courtesy of http://jamesdb.com/

(4-07 CreationCon Burbank)

I heard that the new series “Saving Grace” that you’re gonna guest star on is set in Oklahoma so I was wondering if we could look forward to a new accent – a southern accent or…
Yeah. A very, very slight, uh VERY slight. Because if you watch, if you see things on news from Oklahoma City, and you listen to people talking from Oklahoma, (southern accent) ‘they don’t all sound like this. They don’ talk like this all the time.’ But there’s just a little tiny bit of that. Just very subtle. Yeah. That was fun by the way. Holly Hunter – I almost had like an outer body experience acting with her because she’s so there. You know, she’s trying to grill me, “are you the murderer?” and I would kinda look away and she was like (suddenly moves over to where he would have been looking). It was just little things, man, you just never know what’s gonna happen. She’s just, oh, SO good.

Well, you’re making a habit of working with Academy Award winners.
Yeah! I’m like on the gravy train of women. Any women that’s got coattails, I’m right… (jumps on imaginary coattails)

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