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Marsters Monday – Ted Bundy (The Capture of the Green River Killer)

Weekly feature to highlight a non-Spike role played by James Marsters


Role: Ted Bundy
Movie: The Capture of the Green River Killer
Episode: Episode #1.2 / Season 1, Episode 2
Aired: March 31, 2008

Summary: A pair of girls seeking adventure beyond the their Western Washington trailer park encounter the area’s most ruthless serial killer. Based on Sheriff David Reichert’s book, “Chasing the Devil: My Twenty-Year Quest to Capture the Green River Killer”.

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Regarding playing Ted Bundy courtesy of http://jamesdb.com/

(11-07 Boston Now)

Did I read that you’re playing Ted Bundy?
Yeah! John Pielmeier, who wrote Agnes Of God, I worked with him years ago in Seattle on a play called Voices In The Dark, he was doing a movie and he wanted me to come play Ted Bundy. I asked if I had to kill or torture anybody and he said, “no, you’re just in jail” talking about how to catch the next guy, and I thought, “oh, ok, that’s fine.” I didn’t want to do anything gruesome.

Did you do any research?
I didn’t want to do the research because he’s a sociopath who doesn’t feel bad about what he’s done, where if I look at that stuff, I’d feel awful. It was weird because I’d be in my trailer and they’d say, “oh, you look just like him” and I’d say, “shut up!!!” I didn’t want to hear that (laughing).

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