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Images courtesy of Jean Caldwell

Fans of James Marsters Present Birthday Gift (Project 375)

The 2015 Birthday Project was a great success! A final total of $2,547.11 was raised for Project 375 from 59 donors…AMAZING!

James was presented with the details of the fan appreciation gift as well as a birthday card listing the donors, a Project 375 T-shirt, and a few other items from Project 375 in recognition of his recent birthday. The presentation occurred while at Wizard World Comic Con in Pittsburgh on Saturday, September 12. He was informed that a donation was given to Project 375, a very worthwhile organization, dedicated to stopping the stigma attached to mental illness and to aid and assist those struggling with various mental and behavioral disorders. While fans from all over participated in this charitable endeavor, a representative group was able to attend the convention and take part in this special celebration. In making this gift possible, so much positive energy and love were shared.

For more on Project 375, please click here.

A big, warm THANK YOU to all that opened their hearts and donated as well as to Jessie Wintle and Jean Caldwell for planning and coordinating this year’s gift!

Video courtesy of Stephen Salchli


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  1. Thank you so much for keeping us updated! I can’t think of a better way to honor such an incredible artist on his birthday! This cause means the world to me as well. This post totally made my day!

  2. Laura Jalbert says:

    Thanks to all who set this up. I have a family member with mental illness and I work with the mentally ill on the job. I did not hesitate donating to this worthy cause. Actually, to be more correct, I work with people who struggle WITH mental illness.

  3. Jean T. says:

    Thanks for posting this, it was terrific. And a big thank you to Jessie Wintle and Jean Caldwell for getting the word out. I was so happy to be a little part of this very worthy cause. Good stuff!

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