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Sneak Peak Report – Dragon Warriors

By Jean Caldwell

At Dragon Con this year on Saturday, September 5, DRAGON WARRIORS was screened for the first time at the film festival held that weekend. It was recognized and awarded as “Best Feature”.

I have followed the progress of this particular indie project since the Kickstarter got underway; drawn to it due to James Marsters having been cast as the main villain of the story. Upon learning more about the movie, I was instantly interested. This enthusiastic group of filmmakers was not afraid of a challenge. Who would have set out to shoot an entire feature film with almost nothing but green screen? Maclain Nelson and his crew did just that! Despite the complexities and difficulties they faced along the way, especially with the intensive and extensive CGI required to build their fantasy world, after seeing the movie, I can appreciate and applaud their supreme efforts and accomplishments. They did well.

Casting James as Lord Tensley

James talking about his part in DRAGON WARRIORS

Creating likable characters

With a self-confessed, longstanding love for the fantasy genre, Maclain and the DRAGON WARRIORS team created their own unique story with touches of the familiar and with some surprising twists. Being at the film’s debut, I can honestly say I was not disappointed. It was as I expected- a rather simple tale with such engaging and delightful characters (even the ones we are not supposed to like), packed with loads of humorous moments, and it had a dragon. Is it a bit cheesy? Oh, yeah…and deliciously so! I do not want to tell much more, give away too much…I will say that DRAGON WARRIORS will remain a favorite with me. I can easily picture myself watching it again and again. It is one of those kinds of movies, great for times when nothing seems appealing. This will. There are numerous bits and pieces scattered throughout the movie that pay homage to many of the best and beloved epic sci-fi and fantasy stories that have been told. Multiple viewings may be required to catch them all!

Creating fantasy worlds and environments

Early influences that went into the making of DRAGON WARRIORS

With my active interest and involvement in the development of this movie, I feel that I have seen it come alive, and that is something special for me. As a visual arts teacher, I spend time watching others’ use their imaginations to bring form to their thoughts, feelings and dreams. Nothing captures my attention and focus quite as much as seeing all that take place, hearing about it, witnessing it…Maclain and the DRAGON WARRIORS team created something magical and worth a watch or two. In a word, it is FUN!


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Check out more photos from the panel and post screening of DRAGON WARRIORS at Dragon Con in Atlanta, Georgia September 5, 2015 here.


For information about the special premiere in Salt Lake City on October 10, click here.

I will be sure to let everyone know as soon as we have ordering information for the DVD.

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