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Marsters of Disguise

“Marsters” of Disguise

James Marsters for Pendergast!

Spike TV is developing the Agent Pendergast novels as a television series. The character would be perfectly played by James Marsters. Let’s all show our support by tweeting the network & producer and letting the authors know.

Step 1: Tweet the network and producer using the James Marsters image above to show he can easily pull off “Master of Disguise” (or should I say “Marsters of Disguise”). Be sure to tag @JamesMarstersOf and hashtag #Pendergast.

@Spike (TV Network)

@GunnerGale (Executive Producer)

Step 2: Comment to the authors and network on Facebook. Tag James Marsters – The Official Page in your comment. If you have time, it’s also a good idea to go through the comments that have been made by others and “Like” them.

Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child

Spike Network

*You can also include a link to the IMDB page for James so they can see how versatile he is.

Article: Gale Anne Hurd will exec produce the adaptation of Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child’s best-selling series.

Buy the series: Agent Pendergast 

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  1. deborah wallen says:

    Pendergast is extremely blonde, so you might want to feature Spike or photos of James blonde, as not everyone is as familiar with Spike.

  2. Theresa Fortier says:

    I think this is a great idea. James would be so perfect in this role.

  3. Scarlett says:

    If my post didn’t make it up it’s worth repeating James Marsters is now Pendergast as I read the novels. There is a similarity in the way Marsters handles humor which jives perfectly with Pendergast’s cryptic sarcastic delivery. This verbal strength matches Marsters to a “P.”

  4. kellyn says:

    Great idea!

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