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National Letter Writing Week – Conventions


Altered Reality Entertainment
Rhode Island Comic Con Providence, RI Twitter | Facebook | Contact Form

Awesome Con Washington, D.C. Twitter | Facebook | Contact Form | Email

Boston Comic Con Boston, MA Twitter | Facebook | Email

Informa Exhibitions
Dallas Comic Con Dallas, TX  Twitter | Facebook | Email
Megacon Orlando Orlando, FL  Twitter | Facebook | Email
Fan Expo Dallas Dallas, TX  Twitter | Facebook | Email

Comic Con Honolulu Honolulu, HI Twitter | Facebook | Contact Form

Hawaii Con Kohala Coast, HI Twitter | Facebook

Comic Con International Twitter | Facebook | Contact Form
WonderCon Los Angeles, CA
San Diego Comic Con San Diego, CA

Days of the Dead Atlanta, GA  Twitter | Facebook | Email

Dragon Con Atlanta, GA  Twitter | Facebook | Contact Form | Email

Fanboy Expo Twitter | Facebook | Contact Form
Fanboy Expo – Lakeland Lakeland, FL
Fanboy Expo – Nashville Nashville, TN
Fanboy Expo – Knoxville Knoxville, TN

*Lexington Comic & Toy Con Lexington, KY  Twitter | Facebook | Contact Form | Email

*Motor City Comic Con Nuvi, MI  Twitter | Facebook | Contact Form

Phoenix Comicon Phoenix, AZ  Twitter | Facebook | Contact Form

Reed Pop
Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo Chicago, IL  Twitter | Facebook | Email
Emerald City Comic Con Seattle Seattle, WA  Twitter | Faacebook | Email
New York Comic Con New York, NY  Twitter | Facebook | Email

Salt Lake Comic Con Salt Lake City, UT  Twitter | Facebook | Contact Form

Silicon Valley Comic Con San Jose, CA  Twitter | Facebook | Contact Form

Super Conventions
Magic City Comic Con Miami, FL  Twitter | Facebook | Email
Florida Supercon Fort Lauderdale, FL  Twitter | Facebook | Email

Super MegaFest Marlborough, MA  Twitter | Facebook

Walker Stalkers Twitter | Facebook | Contact Form | Email
Heroes & Villians Fan Fest New York (Seacaucus, NJ)
Heroes & Villians Fan Fest Chicago Chicago, IL

Wizard World Twitter | Facebook | Email
Wizard World Comic Con New Orleans New Orleans, LA
*Wizard World Comic Con Portland Portland, OR
Wizard World Comic Con Cleveland Cleveland, OH
Wizard World Comic Con Las Vegas Las Vegas, NV
Wizard World Comic Con St. Louis St. Louis, MO
Wizard World Comic Con Madison Madison, WI
Wizard World Comic Con Minneapolis Minneapolis, MN
Wizard World Comic Con Des Moines Des Moines, IA
Wizard World Comic Con Philadelphia Philadelphia, PA
Wizard World Comic Con Sacramento Sacramento, CA
Wizard World Comic Con Albuquerque Albuquerque, NM
Wizard World Comic Con Columbus Columbus, OH
*Wizard World Comic Con Orlando Orlando, FL
Wizard World Comic Con Chicago Chicago, IL
Wizard World Comic Con Richmond Richmond, VA
Wizard World Comic Con Austin Austin, TX
Wizard World Comic Con Tulsa Tulsa, OK
Wizard World Comic Con Pittsburgh Pittsburgh, PA


Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo Calgary AB, Canada Twitter | Facebook

Montreal ComicCon Montreal, QB Canada  Twitter | Facebook | Contact Form

Informa Exhibitions
Toronto Comic Con Toronto, Canada  Twitter | Facebook | Email
Fan Expo Regina Regina, Canada Twitter | Facebook | Email
Fan Expo Canada Toronto, Canada  Twitter | Facebook | Email
Fan Expo Vancouver Vancouver, Canada  Twitter | Facebook | Email

Saskatoon Comic & Entertainment Expo Saskatoon, Saskatchewan  Twitter | Facebook | Email


Wales Comic Con Wales UK  Twitter | Facebook | Contact Form | Email

Rogue Events
Prophecy Buffy & Angel Convention Birmingham  Twitter | Facebook | Contact Form

Miracle Day 3 London, UK  Twitter | Facebook | Email

Showmasters Twitter | Facebook | Contact Form
London Film & Comic Con – Spring London, UK
Cardiff Film & Comic Con Cardiff, UK
Bournemouth Film & Comic Con – Spring  Bournemouth, UK
Newcastle Film & Comic Con Newcastle, UK
Belfast Film & Comic Con – Spring Belfast
Manchester Film & Comic Con Manchester, UK
Brighton Film & Comic Con Brighton, UK
Exeter Film & Comic Con Exeter
London Film & Comic Con – Summer London, UK
Sheffield Film & Comic Con Sheffield, UK
Glasgow Film & Comic Con Glasgow
Bournemouth Film & Comic Con – Fall Bournemouth
Belfast Film & Comic Con Belfast
Cardiff Film & Comic Con – Fall Cardiff, UK
Newcastle Film & Comic Con – Fall Newcastle, UK


Guest Events
*Witches vs Vampires Paris, France  Twitter | Facebook | Email


Supanova Expo Twitter | Facebook | Contact Form
Supanova Gold Coast Gold Coast, Australia
Supanova Melbourne Melbourne, Australia
*Supanova Sydney Sydney, Australia
*Supanova Perth Perth, Australia
Supanova Brisbane Brisbane, Australia
Supanova Adelaide Adelaide, Australia

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  1. Julie Anderson says:

    Hello! My FB friend “KC RatherbeinSunnydale” contacted a bunch of networks on James’ behalf. She FB messaged me her work. I’m passing it on. XO Julie Anderson

    KC RatherbeinSunnydale 9:27pm Jan 13
    @nbc You know who would make screaming fan girls from all around, be glued to your screen? @JamesMarstersOf that’s who!
    @CBS @JamesMarstersOf is the most talented, smart, and lets face it, sexy actor I’ve ever seen. I’d be glued to any show u cast him in.
    @ABC Psst! Wanna give your network that ratings boosts every network dreams of? Cast @JamesMarstersOf in any one of ur shows.
    @FOXTV You cast him before, cast him again. What Fox really needs is more @JamesMarstersOf. Remember 1997-2004? You can have that again! 🙂
    @CW_network Your predecessor’s knew the gem they had in @JamesMarstersOf. Why not find out for yourself? Cast him in anything. We’ll watch!
    @AMC_TV You know what your network needs for that extra boost? Cast @JamesMarstersOf in any show or movie. See the fangirls come running.
    @AETV You know what would make A&E even better? Cast @JamesMarstersOf in any film or TV show; watch your ratings boost, and your bar raised
    @Discovery You know what would be the best discovery of your network? Cast @JamesMarstersOf and discover raw talent, intelligence, and charm
    @FXNetworks As much as I miss your #Buffy marathons, I would love to see you cast @JamesMarstersOf in something new you’re cooking up.
    @FXNetworks You introduced me to #Joss, #Buffy, and @JamesMarstersOf. For that I will always love you. Cast #JamesMarsters in something new!
    @HBO Well, you know that Vamp show you made that was so popular? They ain’t got nothin on this Vamp. Cast @JamesMarstersOf in next project!
    @lifetimetv No one brings out romance like @JamesMarstersOf. Sexiest man alive. Period. Cast him in your next project. Watch ratings soar!
    @Syfy Nothin sexier than a shirtless vamp in Vulcan ears, lol. Cast @JamesMarstersOf in your latest project. He’s talented, smart, creative.
    @Showtime You know what you need to spice things up a bit? Well to cast @JamesMarstersOf in your latest project, that’s what 😉
    @spike You think you’re big and bad? Cast the original Big Bad @JamesMarstersOf A.K.A. #WilliamThebloody. Spike joins Spike TV 😉
    @TBSNetwork Psst! You know who’s funny, smart, and sexy? @JamesMarstersOf. He’s so talented, I’d watch anything you cast him in 😉
    @tntdrama Psst! You want drama? Hire an actor who can play dramatic in spades @JamesMarstersOf is talented, funny, sexy, and smart.
    @USA_Network You know what you need? Well an actor who is talented, funny, sexy, smart, and comes with his own fangirls. @JamesMarstersOf !

    That’s all of em. Sorry for the long post, but I didn’t have enough room on my tweets to cc Support Spike. She does follow me though, maybe she’ll see them. Anyway, feel free to use any of the ones you like. I’ll certainly tweet more in the future 🙂

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